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Things to know

Learn about the process to visit Anguilla

1Apply, complete the application.
Don't have a PCR Test yet? No problem. Submit your application now and upload your test later.

Be sure to click submit and ensure that your application has been submitted.

Await an automated response confirming receipt of your application along with an application number.

Families or persons traveling together can submit one application. However, the name, date of birth, and passport details of each person in the group must be added to the application.

All messages/confirmation concerning your application will be retrievable via the platform's messaging system. Messages must be sent via the messaging feature as well. You will be notified via email when there is a new activity, and you must log in to access and send messages.

DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS. All correspondence will be sent and received via the system's messaging system.


You should start the application process at least seven (7) days before your intended date of travel.
2Submit your negative rt-PCR test results 3-5 days before arrival.
A) Final approval is granted upon receipt and approval of your negative COVID-19 rt-PCR test results.

B) The ONLY accepted COVID-19 test is the rt-PCR (polymerase chain reaction) from a naesopharygeal swab.

Additionally, tests with a minimum of two SARS-CoV-2 gene targets 19 are strongly preferred.

Each Applicant must submit a negative PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) test result between 3-5 days (72 to 120 hours) prior to travel. This means if your travel date is the 10th, the test must be taken on the 5th, 6th or 7th. The test must be no more than five (5) days old before arrival on Anguilla. The test result must be submitted according to the instructions given on your initial application. Please travel with either a printed or soft copy of your PCR test results and Entry Permission Certificate.

All passengers including infants and toddlers are required to take a COVID-19 rt-PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test from a naso-pharyngeal swab, three (3) to five (5) days before arrival. This test result must be submitted for Entry Permission approval. Upon arrival, all travellers will be tested at port of entry. A second test is administered to be medically cleared from quarantine (or the ‘Bubble’) after 7/10 days.

Onward Travel (departure) testing is also available for visitors staying less than 7/10 days. For individuals staying at Safe Environment Certified properties, kindly contact the property’s concierge for further information on booking the second test/ Onward Travel Test.
3Await final approval and instructions for payment of fees. Your official travel authorization certificate will be issued once payment is completed.
A) Fully vaccinated visitors will be allowed to travel to Anguilla after July 1, 2021 and will not be required to pay fees or quarantine.

B) Facial Covering:

All arriving and departing passengers must wear a facial covering while in transit to Anguilla while in public spaces during their stay on Anguilla.

C) Temperature Test:

Upon arrival all travellers must undergo temperature testing – whether walk-through or physically doing temperature checks.

D) Transfers from St.Martin (French) to Anguilla

Public Ferries from French St.Martin are NOT currently operating. E) Transfers from St.Maarten (Dutch) to Anguilla

To enter St. Maarten, you MUST complete St. Maarten's health screening application form. Click here to complete: Application form All travelers MUST pre-arrange a transfer to Anguilla with a Certified Boat or Airline Operator.
Tests that will not be accepted are:

1. Tests older than 5 days
2. Tests taken the day before, or two days before arrival
3. Rapid Antigen tests
4. Home testing kits
5. Antibody tests
6. Self-taken swabs
7. A doctor's cover letter. (ONLY official laboratory results are accepted)

1. Test MUST be taken within 3-5 days (72 to 120 hours) of your intended date of travel. Tests MUST be done at a certified testing centre and an official laboratory report must be presented.

2. The laboratory test result certificate MUST contain at least the following:

1. Name of individual tested
2. Date of birth
3. Name of testing laboratory
4. Date of test
5. Type of test (rt-PCR test)
6. Test result
7. Upload Proof of 3-5 Day Negative rt-PCR Test for ALL Applicants